Sourcing in Asia and North America for over 40 years

Sourcing in Asia can substantially reduce your costs. Determining if Asian sourcing is right for your company depends on many factors. Since 1974, Global Point Technology has helped companies compete by producing and supplying high-quality parts and assemblies. We offer world-class service and parts to meet the changing business environment.

In addition to our sourcing and manufacturing capabilities in Asia, we continue to provide our customers with manufacturing orĀ sourcing options in North America as needed. Not all components should be sourced in Asia. Factors such as lead times, material specifications, technology, part design, freight and duty costs may make sourcing in Asia less than optimal.

Global Point offers a dual approach to sourcing: we can make your parts and assemblies in North America and, if you need additional parts or subassemblies made in Asia, we can do that too. Global Point adjusts to meet your needs as they change and grow. Look to Global Point for all of your sourcing needs: