Switches, electromechanical assemblies

Global Point Design offers its customers extensive in-house design services geared towards custom switch design solutions.  We have 25 years of experience designing conductive terminals and micro switches into a plastic substrate to create a reliable and functional integrated switch assembly.

We Supply Electro-Mechanical Assemblies Leaders in the Following Industries:
• Automotive
• Telecommunications

• Medical
• Office automation industries

Electro-mechanical assemblies:  
• Switch assemblies
• Solenoids and motors

• Printed circuit board assemblies

Assembly capabilities:  
• Tool design, tool making and prototyping
• Assembly in state-of-the-art clean room facilities
• Vertically integrated manufacturing and assembly
• Quality assurance and final inspection
• Special focus on solenoids and integrated switch assemblies
High quality solenoids are a Global Point Technology specialty. We produce our own and can also source specialty products too.
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