Manufacturing with six locations in Asia

Global Point Technologies owns six factories in Asia, a true advantage when you manufacture parts in the Far East.  With North American ownership of six joint venture operations in China and Thailand, we offer our customers the cost saving of working in Asia with the convenience of a North American management style. GPT-owned Asian factories offer a variety of products and valued added services. 

With our western management and Asian factories we can offer excellent quality and reliability at the best price.  All of our GPT factories are ISO 9002 and TS-16949 certified, your components are assured to meet world-class standards.
Car Engineering and Manufacturing Global Point Injection Molding -Full service injection molding

GPIM is a full-service injection molding facility based in Dongguan, China. Services offered: injection molding, insert molding, over-molding, Sonic welding, mold making and value added services. Western management at Asian prices. We accept transfer tools from the USA, Europe or Asia.

MPM- Master Precision Mold Co.

MPM –Specializes in the engineering, design and manufacturing of high quality plastic injection molds. Western ownership and on-site management with over 30 years of experience. MPM offers repair and modification services to existing tools.

The Phoenix Company of Chicago GPM- Global Point Magnetics

GPM – Global Point magnetics specializes in the engineering, design and production of high quality custom magnetic products for a broad cross-section of industries. They include AC/DC solenoids, solenoid valves, pneumatic solenoids, coil windings and general magnetics.  We design solenoids according to customer specifications.
Sendec Corporation CST – Wire Harness, cables and Solenoids

CST:  Global Point Design’s, CST manufactures, switch assemblies, wire harness, cable assemblies and solenoids of superior quality, excellent performance and at the price point needed to stay competitive in a global economy. We also have in-house low-pressure molding, ultrasonic welding, wave soldering, fully automatic wire stripping and terminating equipment.
Streamline Circuits GPT LED- Global Point Technology LED

GPTLED is a full service LED manufacturer offering a broad line of lamps and PLCC style LEDs. From start to finish our fully automated factory offers the best quality products at the lowest price. Our TS-16949 certified factory is equipped with automatic bonding, encapsulation and light/color sorting machines. We can support your custom design requirments.
T & L Automatics, Inc. KH Lamp - Kuang Hung Lamps

Since 1978, Kuang Hung Lamps has been the largest manufacturer of both subminiature and micro-lamps outside of Japan. We manufacture a wide range of indicator lamps for aircraft and automotive applications. In-house design and engineering service allow for custom designs and innovative product improvements.
Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

GPTFE – Global Point Technology Far East

GPTFE looks after our Far-East operations with offices in Hong Kong and Dongguan China. GPTFE controls our supplier development, vendor relations, freight consolidation, logistics operations and quality programs.  GPTFE coordinates all of the communication between our sources, factories and our North American offices.

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