About GPT Far East (GPTFE)
GPTFE oversees our Far-East operations with offices in Shatin, Hong Kong, and Dongguan, China. With more than 25 years of experience working in Asia, our offices are the natural compliment to our North American operation. When the North American office is closed for the night, our Far-East office is open for business. Our staff is in constant communication with our factories: working with our engineers, instituting process controls, and insuring that quality standards are met.

GPTFE assists with supplier development, vendor relations, process controls, value-added engineering and design, freight, logistics operations, and quality-control programs.  GPTFE coordinates all of the communication between our sources, our Far-East factories, and our North American offices.
  • Vendor relations- Working in Asia can be a communications challenge; we speak the language and have staff who visit the factories. We know how to get things done in Asia.
  • Supplier Development- We work with our suppliers to ensure that your standards are achieved. Controls plans are developed to monitor compliance.
  • Sourcing of components and sub-assemblies
  • Quality Programs - A fully comprehensive quality program will be established. We use TS-16949 principles to guide this process.
  • Freight Consolidation - GPTFE will handle all aspects of shipping your container or freight - from the factory to your door or to your F.O.B. point
  • Logistics Operations- We help you manage the flow of parts and assemblies. We have the ability to monitor inventory, production, and orders to keep the supply chain moving efficiently.
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