Xiamen CST Automotive Company, Ltd.

Xiamen CST Automotive Co., Ltd is a Global Point Development, Inc. owned and
managed organization. CST is located in Xiamen, Fujian province, which is China’s
largest port city. CST specializes in the design and production of solenoids,
electromagnetic valves, wire harnesses, customized switches, PCBs and an array
of other electro-mechanical parts. Our Xiamen factory employs approximately 80
workers, we currently maintain 20,000 square meters of manufacturing space,
with room for growth.

Our headquarters are located in Canada and provide expert R&D, design, sales, service, logistics and supply chain management. Xiamen CST works closely with our Canadian head-office, global suppliers, and international customers to ensure we maintain our competitive position in the marketplace.

CST has extensive experience in supplying solenoids, electromagnetic valves, wire harnesses and customizable switches to North American, European and Asian OEMs. Our cross-functional organization possesses the knowledge and experience for designing and manufacturing both automotive and non-automotive products.

Our products are used in the
following applications:

• Automotive
• Consumer Electronics
• Vending Machines
• Security Systems
• Engine Controls
• Textile Manufacturing Equipment
• Office Equipment

In 2007, CST achieved ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification. We utilize FMEA analyses and 3D CAD technology to ensure our manufacturing processes meet our customer’s requirements. Further to our stringent quality standards, we offer our customers the following testing capabilities:

• SPC utilization
• Fool-proof
• 100% end-of-line testing
• GO/NO GO fixtures
• PLC intelligent end-of-line test equipment
• Any other measures necessary to ensure six sigma quality standards

Other services:
We offer in-house low-pressure molding, ultrasonic welding, wave soldering, and fully automatic wire stripping and terminating equipment.
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