Connectors & Connecter Systems

GPT has been supplying standard and custom made connectors for over 25 years. Send us your requirement and we will provide standard equivalents or a custom made option if the volume or application warrants.

There are standard connectors that are adequate for most applications; we supply a full line of equivalent connectors with outstanding performance at a competitive price.
• Amp Equivalent
• Molex Equivalent

• Packard Equivalent
• Samtech
• Custom Connector systems
Custom Connectors:
Global Point Technology’s extensive in-house resources and our network of factories can take your concept from design to finished product. We’ll source or make the complete components -fully tested and inspected- and deliver them to your door. We can make a connector that is perfect for your application, designed to meet your specifications, both quickly and at a cost that will provide years of savings. Contact us with your designs and request a quote.
Value added capabilities include:
• Post Assembled Terminals
• Insert Molded Terminals

• Wire Harness Assemblies
• Custom Molded Cables
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